SmartAssembly 7

Using SmartAssembly with MSBuild

You can integrate SmartAssembly in your build process. 

You set up your project in SmartAssembly once, and you can then build your assembly in your normal MSBuild process. The settings you chose in the SmartAssembly project are applied without needing to run SmartAssembly separately.

Note that the SmartAssembly task should be the last stage of your build process. Because of the way SmartAssembly changes your assembly, running other tasks after SmartAssembly is not supported. (An exception to this is assembly-signing tools, if you choose not to sign your code with SmartAssembly).

Automatic integration (.NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard)

Starting with SmartAssembly 7.3 you can integrate it automatically, simply by referencing a NuGet package.

See: Automatic integration.

Integrating SmartAssembly using a NuGet package (automatic integration) is now recommended.

Manual integration (.NET Framework only)

You can integrate SmartAssembly by manually editing your project file.

See: Manual integration.

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