SmartAssembly 8

Upgrading from SA 7 to SA 8

If you used SmartAssembly 7 and now upgrading to SmartAssembly 8, please be aware of a couple breaking changes. Please follow the instructions below, to make sure SmartAssembly works correctly after upgrading.

You can skip this page if you're installing SmartAssembly for the the first time and weren't using SmartAssembly 7 before.

Configuration and database

SmartAssembly 8 automatically copies settings from previous versions. When you install SmartAssembly 8 it will connect to the same database as SmartAssembly 7 or 6, and will use the same Maps folder location.

Settings for each version of SmartAssembly are still separate. If you change database settings for SmartAssembly 8, it will not affect SmartAssembly 7, and vice versa.

Note that if you used a default SQLite database in SmartAssembly 7, then SmartAssembly 8 will continue to use it. The location of the database file will not change and will still be located under: %PROGRAMDATA%\Red Gate\SmartAssembly 7\SmartAssemblySQLite.db.

MSBuild tasks

If your project uses SmartAssembly.MSBuild.Tasks by applying the <UsingTask ... /> tag to the project file, it will no longer work. You have to remove the task and re-apply it using the new method.

To learn about the current method for applying the MSBuild tasks, see Using SmartAssembly with MSBuild.


You need to have .NET Core SDK 2.0 or newer installed if you want to build .NET Core, .NET 5 or .NET Standard projects, or any projects referencing .NET Core or .NET Standard libraries.

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