SQL Backup 10

Object level recovery

Sometimes you may need to restore individual database objects rather than a complete backup. For example, a user may have accidentally dropped a lookup table, or deleted important data from a production database.

To restore the table from a backup, you would normally have to restore the entire database to an appropriate test server, and then produce a table creation script and data insert statements to recreate the table in the production database. For large databases, the full restore may take a long time, and could require a lot of free disk space on the test server.

SQL Object Level Recovery Pro (included with SQL Backup Pro) enables you to extract individual database objects from a backup file, and recover them to a database of your choice.

By recovering only the objects you specify, SQL Object Level Recovery Pro can save you a considerable amount of time when compared to restoring a full backup. You can also save space, as you do not need to restore a complete database.

SQL Object Level Recovery Pro temporarily stores a recovery script on the computer it runs on, for which some disk space is required. The recovery script contains the SQL needed to recreate only those database objects that you select for recovery. If you have chosen to recover tables, this includes the table data.

  • For an overview of how to use SQL Object Level Recovery Pro, see Recovering objects.
  • SQL Object Level Recovery Pro has some limitations on the type of objects it can recover, and the type of backup files it can recover objects from. See Limitations for more information.
  • SQL Object Level Recovery Pro requires .NET 3.5 or greater

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