SQL Change Automation 4

Generating migrations in SSMS

SQL Change Automation projects contain a representation of the schema of your development database. Whenever you make a change to your development database, SQL Change Automation can automatically capture those changes. Learn about SQL Change Automation projects.

1. Make a change to the database

In this example we will add a new stored procedure:

    SELECT 1

2. Navigate to the Generate migrations page

If you were previously on this screen and the migration does not show, click Refresh.

3. View the migration differences

Clicking on the script will show the differences between the development database and the SQL Change Automation Project.

4. Generate the migrations

Click the Generate migrations button in the top-right corner. This will capture the changes in the project.

5. View the summary

When the migrations have been generated the summary page will show. You can view and manage all generated scripts by navigating to the Migrations page.

Next steps

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