SQL Change Automation 3

SQL Change Automation Core

SQL Change Automation Core was an in-the-box entitlement exclusive to Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition users, containing a sub-set of the functionality provided in the full edition of SQL Change Automation.

SQL Change Automation Core is only available as part of Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise edition 

There will be no Core Edition of SQL Change Automation from version 4.0 onward. In order to ensure you do not accidentally upgrade to a version that doesn’t support Core edition, it is recommended to turn off auto-updates for the SQL Change Automation extension. 


Supported Technologies

TechnologyCore EditionStandard Edition
SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008
Azure SQL Database

Visual Studio 2017 Extension features

* Despite the inability to use the build and release components, it is still possible to use Core edition to automate deployments. See Automated deployment with SQL Change Automation Core.


If you upgrade from the Core edition, you'll get access to all the above features.

It is possible to do this within the Visual Studio extension.

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