SQL Doc 5

Generating the documentation

When you've finished setting up your documentation project, and have selected the objects that you want to document, you can generate the database documentation.

  1. Click  Generate documentation.
  2. On the Generate Documentation dialog box, in the Save in box, specify the location where you want SQL Doc to create the documentation.
    Select a File type (HTML, DOC, PDF, or Markdown): if you choose DOC or PDF, you also need to specify a file name; for HTML and Markdown you need to specify a folder name (which will include a timestamp if you select the Append time stamp check box). The HTML and Markdown documentation is generated as a set of files, saved in the specified folder.

    The document (DOC) file type is generated as a .docx file. To generate a .doc file instead, select the Use old (.doc) format check box. Files in the .doc format are more likely to be compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word and Openoffice.org Writer.

    Find out more about the available file types

  3. Click Generate Documentation to start generating the database documentation.
    SQL Doc displays a message box that shows the progress of your database documentation.

    To have SQL Doc automatically close the message box on completion the next time you generate database documentation for a project, select the Close dialog box on completion check box.

  4. If necessary, click OK to close the message box.
    SQL Doc opens the generated documentation.

    To prevent SQL Doc opening the generated documentation in the future, on the Generate Documentation dialog box, clear the Open documentation on completion check box.

To use the same settings next time you generate documentation for this project, click  Save project.

Find out about generating documentation from the command line

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