SQL Monitor 12

Connecting to the data repository

This page lists the error messages you might see if SQL Monitor can't connect to the SQL Monitor database.


Possible cause

Login failed

  • Windows username or domain name is incorrect.
  • Windows password is incorrect.
  • Account does not have permissions to access the Data Repository database.
  • Permissions can't be escalated to Log on as service (required for the account to run the Base Monitor service).

Login failed for user <username>

SQL Server username or password incorrect.

Login failed for user <username>
Reason: the password of the account must be changed

Password policy has been enforced for this SQL Server login. The password must be changed.

The SELECT permission was denied on the object...

SQL Server account has only minimum access permissions to this instance.

Make sure the Windows login or database user associated with this SQL Server login isn't a member of db_denydatareader group.

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