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SQL Monitor 10.1 Release Notes

When should I upgrade?

  • We aim to release a build every two weeks that includes the latest incremental features and bug fixes. These builds are identified by a three-part version number, such as v10.1.2. So if you’ve identified a particular feature from the release notes that you need, you can download the relevant build.
  • If you want to wait until all aspects of a feature have been fully completed, it’s best to use a quarterly minor version release, identified by a two-part version number such as v10.2.
  • Annual major releases (such as v10) combine multiple feature releases and undergo additional QA.

Version 10.1.8 - July 15, 2020


  • SRP-13235 Added option to specify Trust Server Certificate in SQL Server connection properties


  • SRP-13258 Further fixes have been made for availability groups on servers with a case-sensitive collation

Version 10.1.7 - July 8, 2020


  • Preview release of monitoring Amazon RDS SQL Servers. See documentation for more details.

  • SRP-13055 SQL User Processes combines information from sessions and now requests to provide more incremental values over time.


  • SRP-13217 Fixed a security vulnerability (CVSS 4.7, CVE-2020-15526) whereby the scope of disabling TLS certificate checking might accidentally extend beyond that required by various Notification Configuration options to "Ignore SSL or TLS certificate errors".
  • SRP-13244 Fixed webhook "Preview and test" notification dialog UI bug when accessing response tab.
  • SRP-13181 Fixed an issue with the longest-running queries summary report not correctly displaying the number of executions within the report period.
  • SRP-13189 An issue that could cause a memory leak for sites with high usage of WinRM has been fixed.

Version 10.1.6 - July 1, 2020


  • Reduced the impact of high-latency base monitors on the overall latency of the website when using multiple base monitors.


  • SRP-13190 Fixed issue indicating SQL Server licenses required from exempt editions
  • SRP-13207 An issue where the "primary replica" section of the availability group page could appear blank for servers with a case-sensitive collation has been fixed
  • SRP-13213 Get-SqlMonitorAlertSuppressionWindow by name no longer fails to return alert suppression windows
  • SRP-13212 Fixes display issue with Manage Users page
  • SRP-13182 Fixes time-scaling issue with server waits alert
  • Removes debug timings erroneously made visible on the website by default

Version 10.1.5 - June 29, 2020

Monitoring of servers that force encryption may be lost with this release. Any affected servers will be clearly visible on the monitored servers page.
To fix this, upgrade to 10.1.8 or later and apply the new "Trust Server Certificate" option to the affected servers.


  • SRP-12296 Query text for SQL User Processes is now available by selecting a process on the server overview


  • SRP-13108 Delays database backup overdue alerts being raised to allow for availability group DMVs to be initialized

  • SRP-13086 Handle monitoring errors raised when a database becomes unavailable that were previously putting the monitored server into a stopped monitoring state.

  • Resolves an issue during base monitor startup when the data repository is not available

  • Eliminated some monitoring queries when it's known up-front that they won't return any monitoring data.

  • Improved the performance of global dashboard

Version 10.1.4 - June 17, 2020


  • SRP-13143 Job duration unusual alert can now be excluded based on job owner


  • SRP-13121 Low CSV space alerts and notifications now show the volume label of the affected CSV
  • SRP-13099 Web pages that aggregate information from multiple base monitors no longer fail with an internal server error when any base monitor is unhealthy.
  • Fixes a memory leak on the website when calling API endpoints
  • SRP-13170 Improved performance and error handling when collecting custom metrics
  • SRP-13161 Fixed minor cosmetic issues mostly related to spacing
  • SRP-13168 Fixed failure to display query plans when accessed through the top queries-query history links
  • SRP-13172 Fix webhook custom HTTP headers for IE11

Version 10.1.3 - June 10, 2020


  • SRP-13124 Job cancelled and job failing alert can now be excluded based on job owner and job name

  • Restored support for specifying network protocol on SQL Server connections


  • Fixed error in SQL error log sampler not running for SQL Server 2005
  • SRP-13125 Fixed an issue with sampling SQL requests on Azure SQL Databases
  • SRP-12644 UPN from login is now only used to prioritise the domain authenticated against
  • SRP-12940 Additional error handling in custom metric collection
  • SRP-13085 Restored Manual Activation prompt on the licensing page
  • SRP-13134 Port number is now saved in edit credentials

Version 10.1.2 - June 3, 2020


  • SRP-12924 Active Directory sign in now supports multiple Active Directory domains

  • SRP-13064 Long running query and blocking process alerts now allow regular expression exclusion on login names

  • SRP-13049 Allow Webhook notifications to ignore SSL/TLS errors


  • SRP-13109 Fixed issue with activating trial license extension

Version 10.1.1 - May 27, 2020


  • SRP-13048 Add custom headers to webhook notifications
  • SRP-12555 "Test" button will log errors encountered during testing the connection
  • SRP-13012 Show current status of alert suppression windows (Active/Scheduled/Expired)


  • SRP-13078 Fixed issue with incorrect units in alert emails

Version 10.1.0 - May 21, 2020

Breaking changes

  • Support for specifying network protocol for monitored servers has been removed. This is due to its removal in Microsoft's latest SQL Client. Connections will now use shared memory for local connections (if available), and TCP/IP for all other connections.
    If this will affect your ability to monitor servers, please contact SQLMonitorFeedback@red-gate.com


  • SQL Server Licensing page is out of preview


  • SRP-13063 Start date displayed in Alert Suppression Window list should ignore timezone
  • SRP-12698 Suppressed notifications for alerts that occur during an alert suppression window are now raised after the window ends if the alerts are still active
  • SRP-13065 Fix issue with generation of reports for email when the website is accessed through a CNAME entry
  • SRP-13054 Fixed issue that could cause job duration alerts to display with job start date after alert was raised

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