SQL Source Control 4

SQL Source Control 2.2 release notes

December 15th, 2011

New features

  • Object filtering
    If you want to exclude objects from SQL Source Control, you can set up filters so they are not shown on the Commit Changes or Get Latest tabs. This is useful, for example, if there is a specific set of objects you never want to commit to source control. For more information, see Using filters to exclude objects.
  • Repository browsing when linking
    The Link To Source Control dialog box now includes a Browse button for Subversion, Team Foundation Server and Vault. Use this to browse your source control repository when you are linking to source control.
    The browse functionality also lets you create new folders in your repository, so you can get set up without needing to leave SQL Server Management Studio.

Known issues

  • Config files are no longer included for CVS and Bazaar
  • When linking a database to source control, on the Link to Source Control dialog box, presets are no longer included for the CVS and Bazaar source control systems.
  • You can still create a custom config file to support any source control system with a command line interface.
  • This change does not affect users who are already using CVS or Bazaar with SQL Source Control.
  • Performance issues when source controlling large quantities of data
  • If the data tables you are source controlling have a large number of rows, the Commit Changes and Get Latest tabs may be slow to populate and refresh.
  • Because performance can be poor for large quantities of source controlled data, you are recommended only to source control static (lookup) data.
  • Note that large quantities of data, or data that changes frequently (such as transactional data) should not be source controlled.

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