SQL Source Control 4

SQL Source Control 4.4 release notes

Get ready for SQL Source Control 5

SQL Source Control 5 is due for release soon. Before you update, here are a few things you should know:

The new migrations solution replaces all previous versions

SQL Source Control 5 includes an improved migrations solution, which adds support for Git, branching and merging, and an improved interface. 

Migration scripts created using previous versions of SQL Source Control won't be compatible with SQL Source Control 5. To make sure any existing migration scripts aren't lost, see Upgrading from old versions of migration scripts before you update to SQL Source Control 5.

The following version control systems are no longer supported:

The following SQL Server versions are no longer supported:

  • SQL Server 2005 (RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4).

4.4.2 - May 3rd, 2016



  • SC-8524, SC-8503, SOC-7761: Support for hardware crypto devices (e.g., nCipher) for asymmetric key encryption.

  • SC-8060: Support for DML triggers that reference an XML schema collection.


SQL Source Control 5 Beta

You'll only see these changes if you're using the SQL Source Control 5 beta:

  • The existing migrations table can now be sorted.
  • On the commit tab, uncommitted migrations can now be edited through the right click menu.

4.4.1 - April 26th, 2016



  • SOC-4282: Automatic refreshes now behave the same way as manual refreshes.


SQL Source Control 5 Beta

You'll only see these changes if you're using the SQL Source Control 5 beta:

  • On large databases, performing a Get latest that includes migration scripts is considerably faster.
  • On the Commit tab, objects appear nested beneath migration scripts that cover them.

4.4.0 - April 19th, 2016

This version rolls up the changes from frequent update versions 4.1.16 to 4.4.0.

If you want to get updates more often, turn on Frequent Updates.


  • Support for Management Studio 2016 preview release 13.0.14000.36.


  • SOC-7655: SQL Source Control no longer throws error messages if you connect to a SQL 2000 instance (note that SQL 2000 remains unsupported)

  • SOC-7743: SQL Source Control no longer throws repeated error messages when the 'master' database is unavailable.

  • SOC-7718: Whitespace is now shown in the differences pane if the Ignore White Space option is turned off.

  • SOC-7553: Authenticating with VSTS now works when Team Explorer is not installed locally.

  • SOC-7700: SQL Source Control no longer shows a spurious empty difference after a Get Latest when a table contains certain extended properties

  • SOC-7598: SQL Source Control will no longer error when TFS history includes a composite change type including 'delete' and 'branch'.

  • SC-8140: SQL Source Control now adds extended properties to sequences correctly when committing.

  • SQL Source Control will once again offer to push locally committed changes to a remote repository when using Git.


SQL Source Control 5 Beta

You'll only see these changes if you're using the SQL Source Control 5 beta.


When you create a new migration script, SQL Source Control:

  • generates a default script for any selected schema changes, which you can edit.
  • automatically includes dependencies for selected schema changes.
  • warns against saving the default migration script without any changes.

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