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SQL Source Control 3.7 release notes

3.7.7 - October 21st, 2014



  • Added CaseSensitiveObjectDefinition option to the comparison options so users with case-insensitive databases can commit and retrieve case-only changes (requested on our feedback forum)

  • When getting changes to memory optimized objects (SQL 2014), SQL Source Control temporarily warns you and disables the use of transactions. 

  • Improved error messages when the Migrations V2 beta fails to copy the target database

Bug fixes

  • SOC-6351Fixed bug when handling objects with case-only difference in their name with case sensitivity option turned on

  • Fixed bug using non-active-directory authentication for the “Direct from source control” option in SQL Compare

  • SOC-5907: Fixed foreign keys referencing a FileTable

  • Improved computed column heuristics causing Data Compare to fail

3.7.6 - September 30th, 2014



  • Fixed repeated authentication prompts for some TFS URLs

  • Fixed invalid pointer that stopped SQL Source Control loading ("the add-in failed to load")

  • SOC-5179 and SC-6484: improved support for spatial indexes

  • SC-6986: fixed “Data Compression not recognized” error for clustered columnstore indexes

  • SC-7464: user-defined table types no longer cause duplicate extended properties

3.7.5 - 30th September, 2014 


  • "Invalid HTTPS certificate approval needed" dialog box now remembers certificates you approve

  • SOC-6258: removed incorrect "duplicate objects found with name" report

3.7.4 - 27th August, 2014


  • Uses latest SharpSvn libraries


  • WITH (STATISTICS_INCREMENTAL=OFF) is no longer added to tables on SQL Server 2014
  • SOC-6245: Reverting a change no longer causes SQL Source Control to hang when using the shared model
  • SOC-6106: Inaccurate duplicate object exceptions
  • SC-6992, SC-7305, SC-735: Improved compatibility with memory-optimized tables
  • Miscellaneous SQL Compare engine bug fixes: codes SC-5853, SC-6605, SC-6953, SC-7023, SC-7378, SC-7382, SC-7399, SC-7402, SC-7403, SC-7423, SC-7424

3.7.3 - 6th August, 2014


  • SOC-6172: Clicking Browse when linking a database to a Vault server no longer produces an error

  • SOC-6125: Instances of SQL Source Control "hanging" during commit or get latest reduced

  • SOC-6163: Rebuilding a table with a dependent view no longer produces an InvalidStateException error with the message “Unknown object type for existence check”

  • Switching between the Commit and Get latest tabs during source control operations now momentarily pauses SQL Source Control instead of causing a crash

Known issues

  • WITH (STATISTICS_INCREMENTAL=OFF) is added to tables on SQL Server 2014

  • If you're using the shared model, undoing a change causes SQL Source Control to stop working

3.7.2 - 28th July, 2014


  • Updated SQL Compare engine


  • SOC-6047: SQL Compare command line can now connect to SVN on x64 machines

3.7.1 - 7th July, 2014


  • Improved performance when getting changes from source control


  • SOC-6095: The Vault file explorer now refreshes when creating a new folder during linking to source control
  • Various fixes for SQL Source Control being reported as a false positive by antivirus programs

3.7.0 - 7th July, 2014


  • Git and Mercurial options are removed from the Link to source control dialog, as these were simply duplicates of the Working folder option. To link a database to Git or Mercurial, select Custom
  • Databases with many complex stored procedures no longer encounter "out of memory" errors
  • Fixed a major cause of "out of memory" errors when previewing a series of static data tables. Previewing very large static data tables on the Commit tab may still produce "out of memory" errors in some cases

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