SQL Prompt 10

Inspecting Issues

When you click an underlined issue, a blue light bulb icon appears on left hand side and the issue is highlighted. You can click the icon (or simply press Ctrl + Shift + E) to display Issue details:

The Issue Details window is resizable and dockable. We recommend docking to the right hand side as a side panel:

Issue Details give you the description of the problem and a link to the online documentation (See online documentation), where you can find more information about Code Analysis rules (online documentation will be updated and expanded over time).

Enabling/disabling code analysis

Code Analysis is enabled in SQL Prompt by default. To disable Code Analysis, go to the Prompt menu and click Enable Code Analysis to untick it. You can also do it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A.

To turn Code Analysis back on, simply click Enable Code Analysis again or use the same shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + A

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