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SQL Prompt is showing an old version of my stored procedure

This page applies to SQL Prompt versions 3.x

When viewing the creation SQL for an object using the candidate list or any of the features that insert SQL e.g. the insertion of the object definition after an ALTER statement. SQL Prompt will use the version of the SQL code in its cache file and not retrieve that latest version from the database.

This means that you will see the SQL code from the last time the cache was updated and not what is currently on the server. If you are using the auto insertion of object definition after the ALTER statement and you haven't updated your cache after somebody has changed a stored procedure, it is possible to accidentally overwrite the new version of the stored procedure with the old version stored in the cache file.


SQL Prompt is using the version of SQL code in its cache file.

How to fix

Update the cache if you know that someone might have modified the procedure. You may update the cache using the cache management option from the SQL Prompt menu.

 If you are editing SQL on a database when you know the schema has been changed then make sure you refresh the cache before using the auto insertion of SQL features.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Redgate Support.

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