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SQL Search 2.0 release notes

SQL Search - April 28th, 2014

We're pleased to announce that SQL Search 2.0 has been released. SQL Search 2 comes with new functionality including searching in jobs, searching in multiple databases and object types, searching with booleans and wildcards, and a higher search result limit.

Download SQL Search 2.0 here.

New features and improvements

  • Search in jobs.
  • Select multiple object types and databases to search in.
  • Improved reliability of search results.
  • Improved indexing.
  • Reindexing is now a single option, with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D (bug SDI-201).
  • Search results limit is raised to 500 results per database, with the option to see all results for a particular search.
  • Banner ads removed.
  • Cleaner design.
  • Search with % wildcard.
  • Search with Boolean operators.
    Can search with AND or OR, with a single NOT clause at the end of a search.
  • A text preview of matches on column names is available.
  • SSMS 2014 support


  • SDI-91, SDI-92, SDI-115 - Delay on typing and search result limit allows initial quick searches on large databases.
  • SDI-97 - Dragging the columns across the empty results pane no longer distorts the help text.
  • SDI-147 - SQL Search toolbar now remembers position.
  • SDI-155 - Results are shown for partially typed names.
  • SDI-174 - Objects are found by their current names.
  • SDI-149, SDI-183, SDI-188, SDI-196, SDI-552, SDI-559 - Can search for literal ", $, _, *, = characters, and preview will highlight and scroll.
  • SDI-199 - Search result limit is now clear in the UI.
  • SDI-200 - SSMS 2005's default databases for a connection is now recognized.
  • SDI-410 - No longer repeatedly reindexes during searching.
  • SDI-430 - No longer crashes SSMS when an XML document is open.
  • SDI-442 - Can now find procedures after reconnecting.
  • SDI-459 - Can now find objects if the search term is split across two rows in syscomments table.
  • SDI-461, SDI-467, SDI-473 - Autobugs fixed by migration to the SIP Framework.
  • SDI-522 - User profiles folders with accents in the name can be found.
  • SDI-535 - Can now copy search results when an unsaved document is open.
    See the troubleshooting page Unsaved documents cannot be cut or copied to the clipboard from the Miscellaneous Files project.
  • SDI-553 - Objects filter is more reliable.
  • SDI-544, SDI-557 - Reindexing is more reliable.
  • SDI-609 - Changing the search term during a long search no longer returns incorrect results.

Known issues

  • SDI-570 - When exact match is on, partial matches are still highlighted in the preview window.
  • SDI-611 - Using the Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut causes selected database to change to the database context of the last open query.
  • SDI-615 - Matches on Unicode substrings in object body text are not highlighted.

SQL Search - May 20th, 2014


  • Avoid clashes with other tools depending on the SSMS Integration Pack

SQL Search - December 4th, 2014


  • Fixes bug where sometimes SQL Search didn't scroll to the result's position

SQL Search - February 24th, 2015


  • SDI-583 - Crash when SQL Search has been disconnected from the SQL Server 

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