Feature Summary

Foundational and advanced capabilities in Flyway

While all supported databases have foundational capabilities, not all databases have the additional "advanced capabilities" denoted with asterisks (*) in the features tables below. 

Advanced capabilitiesFoundational capabilities

Flyway’s advanced capabilities are built on the heritage of Redgate’s renowned database comparison engine, in continual development and testing since 2000.

We offer support for our advanced capabilities across the major DBMS platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle and MySQL.

For more information about the platform flavours we support, see  Supported Databases and Versions .

Flyway’s foundational capabilities, including Flyway’s 6 core commands, are supported by 50+ DBMS. For more information, see  Supported Databases and Versions.

Database development

Tracking changes and database version control

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Migrations-first development model 
Maintaining a Schema Model *
Object history *
Schema change diff viewer *
Reverting schema changes 
Integrated git client

Use database clones for dev databases**

Use Docker for dev databases


*Exclusive to databases with support for advanced capabilities

**Requires Redgate Test Data Manager license

Migration script management

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Versioned migrations
Undo migrations
SQL-based migrations
Java-based migrations
Repeatable migrations
Script migrations  
Placeholder replacement
Custom migration resolver
Baseline migrations
Auto-generate versioned scripts *

Auto-generate static data scripts *

Auto-generate undo scripts *

Auto-generate baseline scripts *

Using clones as baselines (eg for shadow databases) **

*Exclusive to databases with support for advanced capabilities

**Requires Redgate Test Data Manager

Database deployment

Deploying database changes

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Flyway migrate (command)
Preview deployment script 
Marking migration scripts as applied
Flyway baseline (command)
Flyway info (command)

Limit migration scripts to specific environments

Cherry picking migrations for deployment

State-based deployments from the schema model *
Automated state-based deployments *
Authentication Plain text, Oracle Wallet, Windows Authentication, Azure Active Directory, SCRAM, key-based authentication+ Kerberos, MySQL Option Files, pgpassAll

Secrets Management integration

*Exclusive to databases with support for advanced capabilities.

Deployment confidence

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Flyway validate (command)
Flyway clean (command)
Verifying migration script execution

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Dry Run Script
Changes report *

Drift check *

Find invalid objects**


Code analysis

SQLFluff onlySQLFluff only

CustomCreating Regular Expression Rules code analysis rules

Create regular expression rules

Configure pipeline to fail on rule violations

✓*** ✓***

CI database build

Integration with SQL Monitor

*Exclusive to databases with support for advanced capabilities.
**SQL Server, Oracle
*** Works with SQLFluff rules only for Flyway Teams. For Flyway Enterprise, you can use either SQLFluff or regex rules.

Recovery and troubleshooting

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Flyway repair (command)
Flyway undo (command)


GUIs, command lines, APIs and other interfaces

Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Docker images flyway/flyway Redgate/flyway Redgate/flyway
Maven plug-in
Gradle plug-in
Distribution licenses***  ✓**
Flyway Desktop GUI In preview
Schema comparison *

Data comparison **

Machine readable output

*Exclusive to databases with support for advanced capabilities.

**SQL Server, Oracle

***Contact sales for more information on per-distribution licensing add-on


Flyway CommunityFlyway TeamsFlyway Enterprise
Redgate Standard Support  Community support only

Redgate Premium Support Community support only-

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Supported database versions See list of supported database versions for each Flyway edition

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