Each developer contributing database changes that will be deployed to a Production environment(s) needs to be licensed with Flyway Teams or Flyway Enterprise depending on whether the pipeline is a Redgate Pipeline or a Flyway Teams Pipeline.

After purchasing Flyway Teams/Enterprise, you will be assigned two license keys:

  1. Flyway Desktop enterprise/teams - This 16 alphanumeric key is usually in the format of XXX-XXX-XXXXXX-XXXX will be used to license the GUI tools: Flyway Desktop, SQL Clone, and the schema and data comparison tools.

  2. Flyway Engine (CLI) enterprise/teams - This key starts with "FL01" and contains 512 characters.  This will be used when executing the Flyway command line directly (e.g., running ad-hoc commands on your development machine or calling the command lines as part of a CI/CD process) or via the Flyway Docker image

If the keys are associated with your Redgate ID, you can find the keys by logging into the Redgate Portal to manage your license:

Activating your Flyway Desktop key

When you first launch Flyway Desktop, you will be prompted to login with your Redgate ID:

Click Log in to create or log in to the Redgate Portal to activate your key.  

Offline Licensing

  1. In Flyway Desktop, access the Licensing menu under the user icon in the top right.

  2. Click Manage offline license.
  3. If you don't have an Offline Permit, generate one at

  4. Enter your Offline Permit and click Save permit.

Alternatively, configure a REDGATE_LICENSING_PERMIT_PATH environment variable with your Offline Permit.

Activating your Flyway Engine (cli) key

Please see more information about how to configure your command line license key.

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