SQL Compare 15

Working with projects

Whenever you compare databases, you set up a project. If you have any existing projects, the Project Configuration dialog box for your most recently used project is displayed when you start SQL Compare. 

A project contains details of:

Finding a project

On the toolbar, click  (Open Project) to display the Open project dialog and browse to the project you are looking for.

Alternatively, on the File menu, select Open recent and choose a recently used project.

Creating and editing a project

To create a new project, click  New.

To edit the current project, click  Edit.

To open and edit an existing project, double click the project on the Projects dialog box.

Saving a project

SQL Compare does not automatically save projects.

To save a project, on the Project Configuration dialog box click Save. Alternatively, you can save a project when you are reviewing its comparison results. To do this, on the File menu click Save.

If there are unsaved changes in the current project, you will be prompted to save when you create a new project, open another project, or when you close the application.

Copying a project

To make a copy of a project, open the project that you want to copy, and on the Project Configuration dialog box, click Save as.

To copy a project when you are reviewing the comparison results, on the File menu, click Save as.

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