Setting up a mergetool

Merge conflicts occur when branches with competing changes are merged. Git is able to resolve some differences automatically, while others will need to be resolved manually. Using a merge conflict resolution tool (a mergetool) makes it easier to resolve the conflicts that Git cannot handle automatically. Version control integration within SQL Change Automation respects your Git configuration, so you are required to configure your mergetool with Git rather than within SQL Change Automation.

If you have not previously configured a mergetool it is likely that your system will default to using vimdiff. We recommend configuring a different mergetool unless you are familiar with using vim.

We recommend using Visual Studio Code which is available for free here. You should ensure that Visual Studio Code is added to your path, which should be done automatically during installation.

To set VSCode as your default mergetool you should run the following commands in the command prompt.

git config --global merge.tool vscode
git config --global mergetool.vscode.cmd "code --wait $MERGED"

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