SQL Doc 3

SQL Doc 3.0 release notes

Version 3.0.8 - July 20th, 2016

  • New login based licensing: see https://www.red-gate.com/user-licensing for more details
  • New feature usage reporting. Opt in/out from Help > Help us improve our products...
  • Updated SQL Compare engine


  • SDOC-1421: Index section now distinguishes between key and included columns
  • Title bar only displays project name when editing existing project
  • Index columns indicate when they use a descending sort direction

Version 3.0.7 - April 26th, 2016


  • Support for SSMS2016 (using VSIX package)
  • Updated product switcher and Redgate logo
  • Updated SQL Compare engine


  • Allow windows to upscale the app in high dpi mode

Version 3.0.6 - March 29th, 2016


  • Command line no longer stops working after 28 days

Version 3.0.5 - March 23rd, 2016


  • New window appearance
  • New product logo
  • New product switcher - accessible from the product logo in the top-left
  • Updated SQL Compare engine
  • Change version of CEF engine used by UI


  • SDOC-1588: Empty values for cover page fields no longer throw an exception
  • SDOC-1627: Footers in Word and PDF documents are now consistent
  • SDOC-1647: Descriptions consisting of a single apostrophe no longer throw an exception
  • SDOC-1697: Inconsistent line endings no longer throw an exception
  • SDOC-1698: Descriptions surrounded by angle brackets are no longer removed
  • SDOC-1710: Partition functions with null boundary values no longer throw an exception
  • Use SHA1 instead of MD5 for FIPS compliance

Version 3.0.4 - November 17th, 2015


  • Connectivity support for SQL 2016 CTPs
  • Extended property support for Azure v12
  • Updated SQL Compare engine
  • The command line now supports 64-bit
  • Updated icons and splash screen


  • SDOC-1537: Descriptions of parameters of table-valued functions can now be read and written
  • SDOC-1593: Databases are no longer excluded if a folder within them is excluded
  • SDOC-1595: Documentation now obeys line breaks in description fields
  • SDOC-1604: Reserved characters no longer break the JavaScript tree for HTML documentation format
  • SDOC-1631: Copying a script to the clipboard from a CHM file no longer loses line breaks
  • SDOC-1632: Columnstore and columnstore archive compression types are now supported
  • SDOC-1639: Foreign keys referencing FileTables no longer cause exceptions
  • SDOC-1655: Tables with many columns no longer put the list of columns on a separate page from the header
  • SDOC-1677: "Last backup time" and "Last log backup time" are now populated correctly
  • SDOC-1678: Deep links in Word documents now work as expected

Version 3.0 - November 6th, 2013


  • A range of new HTML documentation formatting options for greater customization
  • New user interface with enhanced navigation
  • Generate documentation in PDF or DOCX format
  • Flexibility to include or exclude any section of any object from the documentation
  • Document new SQL Server features: sequences, file tables, columnstore indexes, etc
  • Document database-level properties, eg recovery model
  • Override project settings from the command line to provide more flexible automation when using your project as a template
  • White label documentation - use your own logo and company branding
  • Support for Windows Azure SQL Database


We've fixed the following bugs that were reported by users:

SDOC-854Typo on database page: "Compatability Level"
SDOC-1034Editing index descriptions on single column indexes puts descriptions on wrong extended property
SDOC-1087Licensing fails to give a new trial period
SDOC-1095Ability to select paper size
SDOC-1096Support printing in grayscale
SDOC-1097Exclude SQL script from documentation
SDOC-1149Error "The DatabaseObject could not be added as the hashtable contains the key already"
SDOC-1167Can't generate to file with spaces in it
SDOC-1189Can't edit child descriptions for user defined table types
SDOC-1215Compressed first column on cover page
SDOC-1248Preview copyright links don't work
SDOC-1266Detect .doc default page size from printer settings
SDOC-1273"Invalid characters in path" error when creating HTML
SDOC-1292No option to go back to connection pane if connection fails
SDOC-1296Page size default to letter
SDOC-1300Word cover page: long file path breaks table layout
SDOC-1303Editing descriptions, click next, then apply changes closes the dialog box. Should stay open.
SDOC-1310Improve error message when command line fails to overwrite file
SDOC-1316Open last loaded project behavior is confusing
SDOC-1342Add the ability to document encrypted stored procedures
SDOC-1344Unhandled null pointer exception
SDOC-1356Database expand fails
SDOC-1366Word output: SQL script not formatted correctly
SDOC-1374Documenting database with same name as server throws exception
SDOC-1377Add the ability to turn off the date-timestamp option for HTML documentation
SDOC-1385Installation fails on x64 machines
SDOC-1388Add the ability to set output path on command line
SDOC-1404Type a path for the save location

Allow project file to specify all databases in command line

For more information, see Documenting all databases on a server.

SDOC-1410No scroll bar when large tables are documented
SDOC-1415Unexpected characters in Word 2007
SDOC-1417Connection error on SQL Server 2008 R2
SDOC-1426Patch has broken extended properties in SQL Server 2005
SDOC-1467Table extended property values not read correctly, shown as RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.ExtendedPropertyValue
SDOC-1495Extended property with NULL value causes null-reference exception
SDOC-1502InvalidCastException on get_SqlDecimal on SQL Server 2000
SDOC-1503Generated documentation includes extended properties used internally by the SSMS view designer
SDOC-1515Support columnstore SQL 2012 syntax
SDOC-1521Icon is missing for sequences
SDOC-1532Error when saving a project

We've also fixed the following bugs that were send to us as error reports from SQL Doc:

SDOC-1529{SA} ArgumentNullException @ GenerateDocumentationForm.set_SaveInPath(…)

{SA} ArgumentNullException @ MainForm.get_PreviewURL(…)

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