SQL Prompt 10

SQL Server Permissions

To use SQL Prompt the SQL Server user will require the following permissions.

PermissionUseCore FunctionalitySupport Article
NoneFormat and refactor SQL code. See code analysis suggestions.Yes-
User granted SELECT & VIEW DEFINITION on a databaseSee suggestions in SQL Prompt for a databaseYesSuggestions are not shown in SQL Prompt
User granted VIEW ANY DEFINITIONSee suggestions for all linked servers in SQL PromptNoSQL Prompt is not showing all linked servers
User is a member of the sysadmin roleSee encrypted objects as suggestions in SQL PromptNoUnable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'
User is granted VIEW SERVER STATEAccess encryption keys to generate suggestionsNoSuggestions are not shown in SQL Prompt

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