DLM Automation

DLM Automation 1.5 release notes - July 27th, 2016


  • Correctly detect script generation errors as part of the New-DlmDatabaseRelease cmdlet. - July 21st, 2016 

This release replaces the individual SQL CI and SQL Release tools with one DLM Automation Tool. If you are using the Octopus Step Templates you will need to upgrade them before installing this version. All other add-ons will continue to work as they currently do. If you are using the SQL CI command line we recommend you switch to DLM Automation PowerShell cmdlets.

SQL CI command line has been deprecated. It will continue to work but is no longer going to be updated. For more information see here.


  • Improved Getting started application
    We've updated the design of the Getting started application to help with understanding the product. 
  • New version of SQL Compare 
    We've updated the version of SQL Compare used by DLM Automation. For details of features and fixes, see the SQL Compare 11.6.11 release notes

DLM Automation add-ons 

  • VSTS Build plugin 1.0.18
    Updated to use latest Compare engine

  • VSTS Release plugin 1.0.4
    Updated to use latest Compare engine
  • Octopus Step Templates
    Updated to support latest version of DLM Automation
  • Jenkins Build plugin 1.0.14
    Fixed an issue where running the step threw an IOException

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