Flyway Desktop using PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Early Access Program

We are currently working on advanced support for PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL in Flyway Desktop, which will include the capability to track all the changes to your objects in a PostgreSQL database and also generate migration scripts for deployments and their corresponding undo scripts. 

We are looking to talk with PostgreSQL users about their database development and deployment processes, especially those looking to automate their database deployments as part of a CI/CD process.

If you're interested in talking with us more about your PostgreSQL processes and getting early access to preview releases, please sign up here.  

 (14 mins - see the Preview in action)

Our current full support is migrations only, which the following screens show.  If you're interested in object level history and generating migration scripts, see the information about the public preview above.

Select your database from the dropdown when creating a new project:

You can also import an existing flyway.conf file to create a new project picking up your existing migration scripts, location(s), and settings from your flyway.conf file.

Once your project is created, you'll be able to see your migration scripts, specify a target database, add parameters, preview a dry run script, migrate the target database, see script execution times, and version control your migration scripts in your own Git repositories (ADO Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.).

We plan to bring advanced capabilities to PostgreSQL in 2022.  These advanced capabilities are available for SQL Server and Oracle databases today.  See information about the public preview above. 

Planned supported PostgreSQL versions

See our supported database versions.

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