SmartAssembly 6

SmartAssembly 6.1 release notes

May 10th, 2011

This minor version release includes a small number of bug fixes:

  • If your assembly has a file alignment other than 512 bytes, SmartAssembly will now use the same file alignment when it builds your application.
  • If a custom feature usage reporting template is selected, but the template does not exist, the build will now fail.
  • If a custom feature usage reporting template using .NET 4 is selected, but the application is compiled with .NET 2, the build will now fail.
  • Fixed the SerializationException encountered when using error reporting with code that uses remoting.
  • Fixed ‘Interface not found’ errors when using tamper protection on assemblies which have an interface. (Interfaces no longer have tamper protection applied.)

SmartAssembly version 6.1 also removes the redundant SSL web service connection option in the web service settings.
Please note that this is only a change in the user interface, not a change in the available features. Since SmartAssembly version 5.0, all connections with the default web service have been over HTTP (though the error reports themselves are encrypted).
To use HTTPS for error and feature usage reports, you must use a custom web service.

SmartAssembly 6.1 is a recommended update for all users of SmartAssembly 6.0.

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