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Installer command line reference

There are various options you can use when you run the installer from a command line or from Powershell. These can be combined as required.

Product selection


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe products "SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare"

Selects the specified products for installation. The list must be specified as a comma delimited list and must be surrounded by quotation marks. This option will also take an asterisk (*) as a wildcard, so for example specifying "sql*" will match any product beginning with the string "sql". Available in version or later of the Redgate Installer.

File locations

extract (optional path)

C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe extract D:\MSIfolder

Extract the individual product installers as MSIs rather than installing them. If a path is specified then the MSIs will be extracted to that path, otherwise they will be extracted to the current folder.

log (path)

C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe log D:\Logs\mylog.txt

The installation log will be written to the specified file.

temp (path)

C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe temp D:\Testing

Temporary files created during the installation process will be placed in the specified folder. This is useful if you are installing without administrative privilege and can not create files in the default location. These files are removed at the end of the process unless you also use the /keep option.



C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe /?

Opens a browser starting at this page. (In some older releases, displays a dialog giving a link to this command-line reference)


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe /IAgreeToTheEula

The installer executes without further user intervention and using all the builtin defaults unless modified by other command line options, so it can be used in automated deployments. That is, product installation paths use the default form %PROGRAMFILES%\Red Gate\(product name)

By using this option you consent to the Redgate EULA.


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe /suppresschecks

The installer executes without carrying out checks for pre-requisite conditions (eg. minimum .NET framework version, permissions and system policies). Available in Redgate Installer v2.0.1.2134 onwards.

This option is intended to provide a workround in the case that evaluating a pre-requisite condition gives a false positive, and should be used with caution.


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe temp D:\Testing /keep

Temporary files created during the installation process will not be deleted at the end of the process.


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe /dontrun

The installation process proceeds as normal but the MSIs extracted are not run. This can be useful for troubleshooting as a full log is still kept of command line parameters, signing and extraction.

Options passed to the MSI files


C:\>SQLToolbelt.exe RG_LICENSE=001-111-999999-ABCD

Passes a Redgate activation key to the MSI. If not present, no key is passed and activation must be carried out manually in the product as normal.

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