.NET Reflector 8

.NET Reflector 8.0 release notes

February 20th, 2013 - Version patch release

On 20/02/2013 we released a small patch fix for .NET Reflector. This release includes a fix for an issue with repeated Visual Studio crashes that had been affecting some users.

January 14th, 2013

Search and filtering

Version 8 of .NET Reflector introduces a new search filter to the object browser in both Reflector Desktop and the Visual Studio extension:

When you type in the search box, the contents of the object explorer are filtered based on your search terms.

The search includes basic scoping. So, for example, typing web.read would filter the object explorer to show only items with names containing "read" whose parent items contain "web".

Debugging in Visual Studio

The ability to generate PDB files for decompiled code was introduced in version 7.5

Version 8 improves on the debugging workflow in Visual Studio by allowing you to navigate to decompiled code from frames in the call stack, and by decompiling automatically if a debugging session encounters an exception in code without source. Additionally, setting a breakpoint in decompiled code now triggers automatic PDB generation, making it easier to step through 3rd party code:

Known issue - upgrading from version 7.x

If you are upgrading from .NET Reflector version 7 you may see incorrect text in the Check For Updates notification screen.

The check For Updates mechanism may show version 8 as a free trial.

This is not true, and updating will install the full version of .NET Reflector 8.0

Version 8 was made available as a free upgrade to all customers with a version 7 license, and should activate normally without requiring you to enter your serial number.

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