ReadyRoll 1

ReadyRoll 1.7 release notes

1.7.2 - November 21st, 2013

This release makes Octopus configuration easier and addresses some issues identified in ReadyRoll 1.7.


  • Use SQLCMD variable default values to simplify Octopus Deploy setup (Details)


  • Variables containing reserved PowerShell strings cause deployment failure (Details)
  • Error when project connection string not configured & “Add New Script” is clicked (Details)
  • SQL Server authentication fails during Import (Details)
  • Visual Studio crashes upon adding new T-SQL script to project (Details)
  • Visual Studio crashes during Import when there are unsaved scripts open (Details)
  • Clicking Cancel during DBSync Revert operation causes Visual Studio to crash (Details)
  • Project option: Skip Shadow DB deployment during Visual Studio build (Details)
  • Deployment continues without transaction if migration script performs COMMIT/ROLLBACK (Details)
  • Permit manual transaction handling within TRY/CATCH blocks (Details)
  • VS2013 error: “Cannot retrieve project details” upon opening solution (Details)
  • VS2013 ignores default database connection string (if set) (Details)
  • VS2013 does not set database connection upon project creation (Details)
  • Include target database server details in connection errors (Details)
  • Retire VS2010 “DataDude” project type (does not affect VS2010 SSDT-based projects) (Details)

1.7 - September 19th, 2013

This release improves source control support for programmable objects like stored procedures, views and functions.

ReadyRoll 1.7 introduces a new way of deploying database changes, called Deploy-Change migrations (now called Programmable Objects). Rather than creating a new script for each stored procedure change, you can simply edit a re-usable Programmable Objects script and hit ‘Deploy’ within Visual Studio to apply the change to the database.

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