SQL Source Control 7

Deploy a database from source control

You have several options to deploy from SQL Source Control to a target database

Manual deployments

You may deploy via SQL Compare Pro or the SQL Server Management Studio Integration Pack add-in.

Automated deployments

For simple automated deployments, you may deploy using the SQL Compare command line

You may also implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with SQL Change Automation. 

With SQL Change Automation, you may either:

1. Deploy your SQL Source Control project directly with SQL Change Automation

This strategy is suitable for projects where you rarely run database modification statements (inserts, updates, deletes) and rarely wish to customize the auto-generated code for deployments. 

2. Link your SQL Source Control project to a SQL Change Automation project and deploy via migrations.

This strategy is suitable for projects where you either:

  • Wish to have greater control over the exact code in your deployments
  • Wish to decouple making changes in development from defining how to deploy these changes

Details on deployment options for SQL Source Control

See these sub-pages for more information and the deployment strategies listed above.

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