SQL Source Control 7

Link your SQL Source Control project to a SQL Change Automation project and deploy via migrations

SQL Source Control projects can linked to SQL Change Automation projects.

This is done by creating a SQL Change Automation project and setting your SQL Source Control project as the development source

When to use this deployment option

This strategy has multiple benefits:

  • Gives the team greater control over how the SQL Source Control project will be deployed, enabling you to regularly integrate data modification statements into your deployments and to customize the code used to deploy your database changes
  • Decouples making changes in development from defining how to deploy them

Additional licensing

Automated deployments of SQL Source Control with SQL Change Automation require licensing via either the SQL Toolbelt or Redgate Deploy. See our EULAs for more information

Learn more

To get started, follow the article 'Setting up a project with a SQL Source Control project in SSMS'.

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