Moving from SQL Source Control to Flyway Desktop

Flyway Desktop is the next version of SQL Source Control.  SQL Source Control and Flyway Desktop can be installed side-by-side during this transition period for testing and planning purposes.  They should not be used on the same project. 

SQL Source Control 7 is still available for sale and is being actively maintained and supported.  We will continue to support SQL Source Control for at least one year after we stop new sales.  We expect support to continue through at least the end of year 2025

For new customers or customers starting new projects, we encourage you to start with Flyway Teams or Flyway Enterprise, if you're intending to automate your pipeline.  

For existing customers, learn more about why we're moving to Flyway and its benefits.  If you have any questions, get in touch with our Database DevOps Team.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns about this transition.  Flyway Desktop should feel familiar to SQL Source Control users since it captures the DDL create script for each object and allows you to version control these changes in Git.  We have also created a capability to Import existing SQL Source Control projects to hopefully make this transition as easy as possible.  

Before making the transition

Learn more about about Flyway Desktop by watching this 6.5 minute video for a quick overview. 

Flyway Desktop is a standalone tool since it supports over 50 different databases.  It integrates directly with Git version control systems.  If you are using another version control system (VCS), we still recommend trying Flyway Desktop, but you'll need to use your own VCS cmdline or VCS tool for any version control operations that you need to perform.

Before making the transition to Flyway, there are a few options to try it out:

  1. Create a new project in Flyway Desktop that goes to a new Git repository/folder.  Link your development database or a sample database.  If you're using your existing development database, this won't bring over the Git history of your objects that have been built up using SQL Source Control, but is a good way to try Flyway before making the full move.

  2. Try out Flyway with our Quickstart - Flyway AutoPilot.

What's next?

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about transitioning from SQL Source Control to Flyway, please get in touch with our Database DevOps Team.

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