ANTS Performance Profiler 7

Changing results display options

Changing the results display options is only available in ANTS Performance Profiler 7.4.

You can change the way data is displayed in the call tree and methods grid, using the display options on the results toolbar:

  • Scope: Controls which methods are displayed in the call tree or methods grid:
    • All methods: Shows all methods called during the selected period, including .NET framework class-library methods.
    • Methods with source: Shows only those methods for which the profiler can locate source code.
    • If you have selected methods with source and are not seeing certain methods that you expect,

      Filtered methods: Shows methods according to filters you have selected. For details on filtering, see Filtering below.

  • Threads: filters the display of stack traces by thread.
  • Timing mode: controls the way in which method timings are calculated. You can choose from:
    • Wall-clock time: includes blocking, such as waiting for I/O. Can be less reliable on virtual machines.
    • CPU time: excludes blocking.

    Note that the profiler initially records timings in CPU ticks, and converts them to milliseconds when Wall-clock time is selected. CPU tick recording can be unreliable if a process runs on more than one processor.

  • Timing units: controls how to display time. You can choose from:
    • Percentages: displays the time the method took as a percentage of the period currently selected on the timeline.
    • Ticks
    • Milliseconds
    • Seconds
  • Direction (call tree only): controls whether the call tree is displayed top-down (calling methods above called methods) or bottom-up (called methods above calling methods)

You can also reorder the call tree. To change the stack-trace order, click the Time With Children (%) column heading.

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