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The SQL HyperBac utilities

Although SQL HyperBac is designed to work in the background on your SQL Servers without the need for user intervention, you may sometimes want to work with SQL HyperBac backup files directly. For example, you may need to convert a compressed backup file from SQL HyperBac format, to native SQL Server format.

Two utilities are included with SQL HyperBac. You can use either HyperBac WinExtractor (a Windows program) or HyperUtil.exe (a command line program) to:

  • extract a native SQL Server format backup file from a compressed or encrypted SQL HyperBac backup file
  • verify a SQL HyperBac compressed or encrypted backup file
  • view information (metadata) about a SQL HyperBac compressed or encrypted backup file

You can run both utilities on any computer; the computer does not need a SQL HyperBac license.

HyperBac WinExtractor is easier to use, and is recommended if you need to work with only a small number of files.

If you are familiar with Windows scripting and want to run regular batch jobs (to automatically extract from certain SQL HyperBac backup files, for example), HyperUtil.exe provides command-line options for all of HyperBac WinExtractor's functions.

For detailed information about these utilities, see Working with HyperBac WinExtractor or Working with the HyperUtil.exe.

If you need to download these utilities, you can find them at

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