SQL Monitor 5

SQL Monitor 3.1 release notes

May 24th, 2012

New features

  • Navigate through Alert details: On the Alert details page, you no longer have to go back to the Alert Inbox and select another alert to open it. The page now contains navigation buttons so you can quickly click through older and newer alerts.
  • Persistent filtering: Filters in the Alert Inbox now persist, so you can navigate away from the page and return to it without losing your previous filtering options.
  • Additional time ranges for analysis: The Time range drop-down list on the Analysis page contains two new fixed time ranges: last 6 hours and today.


  • SRP-6424: IE7 issue entering text when watermark is present.
  • SRP-6683: Error clicking on Top 10 queries whilst in IE7 or IE8.
  • SRP-6704: Custom alert triggering not respecting the 'threshold passed for x minutes' setting.

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