Deployment Manager 2

Adding a target machine

To deploy software with Deployment Manager, you need to add target machines to the Deployment Manager web interface. A target machine is any computer that you want to deploy to.


 For a list of software requirements for a target machine, see Requirements.

To add a target machine to Deployment Manager:

  1. On the machine you want to deploy to, browse to the Deployment Manager web interface.
  2. In the Environments tab, in the environment you want to add the machine to, click Add target machine:

Installing the Agent service

Next, you need to install the Deployment Agent service on your target machine:

  1. In the Add machine dialog box, click Download Agent installer:
  2. Run the DeploymentAgent.msi installer, following the instructions.
    An administration tool is displayed when the installation is complete:

    If the administration tool doesn't open, search for Agent Tools in the start menu search bar.

Linking a target machine to Deployment Manager

Once you have installed the Agent service on your target machine, you need to link the machine to Deployment Manager:

Deployment Manager uses keys to allow your Deployment Manager server and Agents to communicate securely. For more information, see Server and Agent communication.

  1. In the Deployment Agent administration tool, on the Security tab, copy the Agent key:
  2. In a web browser, navigate to the Deployment Manager web interface, and click the Environments tab:
  3. To create an environment to add the Agent to, in the Deployment Manager menu bar, click Add environment:
  4. Specify a name for the environment, and click Create. In the example below, we have created a Staging environment:
  5. On the environment menu bar, click Add machine:

    The Add machine dialog box is displayed:

  6. On the Add machine dialog box, specify a name and the URL for the target machine.
  7. In the Agent Key box, paste the Agent key you copied from the Deployment Agent administration tool.
  8. At the bottom of the dialog box, copy the Deployment Manager server key:
  9. Click Create.
    The target machine is added to the web interface.
  10. In the Deployment Agent administration tool, on the Security tab, under Server Keys, click Add:
  11. In the Add Trusted Deployment Manager dialog box, paste the server key you copied from the web interface, and click Save.
    A trust relationship between the target machine and the Deployment Manager server is now set up.

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