SQL Backup 7

SQL Backup 6.4 release notes

March 10th, 2010

New features

  • Keyword support for restoring a database using the latest backups, including all available transaction log files.
  • Keyword support for backing up all user databases or all system databases on an instance.
  • Keyword support for specifying a different source database when restoring from disk (with LATEST keywords).


  • DISCONNECT_EXISTING can now be used with RESTORE on databases that are already in a "Recovering" state.
  • Database name is now case-insensitive when restoring with LATEST_FULL.
  • Fixes to automatic deletion of old SQL Backup log files.
  • Fixes to prevent event-log flooding with Microsoft Cluster Service errors on active/active clusters.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes in the engine and GUI.

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