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SQL Prompt 5.1 release notes

April 12th, 2011 

Find Invalid Objects improvements

SQL Prompt 5.1 includes many usability improvements to the Find Invalid Objects feature:

  • you can do more with the list of invalid objects, including locating objects in the Object Explorer, copying the list of invalid objects, and scripting multiple invalid objects as ALTER
    For full details, see: Finding invalid objects: Tips
  • the number of invalid objects that have been found is displayed
  • a progress bar is displayed when finding invalid objects
  • you can change the server or database you want to find invalid objects in
  • Timeout errors are also much reduced or eliminated.

SQL Refactor favorites

The following has been included from SQL Refactor:

  • Uppercase Keywords, as a separate feature from Format SQL
  • Ctrl+B Ctrl+L as a keyboard shortcut for Format SQL in SQL Server Management Studio (Ctrl+K Ctrl+Y is the primary shortcut)


A number of bugs have been fixed, including:

  • SQL Prompt 5.1 now works on SQL Server 2005 Express
  • Fixed extreme slowdown with Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
  • Prevented misleading Thread was being aborted message from being added to log
  • Fixed a number of the most common crashes that cause a Notify Red Gate of this error dialog

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