SQL Prompt 7

SQL Prompt 6.3 release notes

Version - 8th April, 2014


  • Select in Object Explorer

    For more information, see Selecting an object in the Object Explorer.
  • Many improvements to our SQL grammar
  • UpperCamelCase and lowerCamelCase casing options

    For more information, see Applying casing options.
  • Highlighting matching parentheses
    If your cursor is next to an opening or closing parenthesis in a query, SQL Prompt automatically highlights the matching parenthesis:

    If you want to change the highlight color, you can use the Management Studio functionality for customizing colors.

    In Management Studio, go to Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors and select a new color for Brace Matching (Rectangle):

  • Template parameter dialog box now opens automatically if a snippet has parameters
    For more information, see Using SSMS templates in SQL Prompt snippets.
  • $SELECTIONSTART$ and $SELECTIONEND$ snippet placeholders
    For more information, see Using placeholders.
  • Improvements to suggestions, including:
    • Suggestions box is no longer shown when there are no suggestions
    • Suggestions are now shown if you continue to type a half-completed word
    • More suggestions for new SQL Server 2014 syntax
    • Improvements to partial match suggestions
    • Improved suggestion ordering (Forum post)
    • Suggestions box delay option added

  • Pressing Enter after GO now enters a new line
  • Inserted and deleted tables are now suggested for triggers (and now resolve to correct table in other statements)
  • Documentation for parameters of built-in functions
  • Properties for built-in metadata functions (SERVERPROPERTY, FILEPROPERTY, DATABASEPROPERTYEX, etc) are now suggested:
  • Show schema names state is now saved
    For instructions on how to view schema names in the suggestions box, see Displaying schema names.


  • Auto-completed functions won't insert closing parenthesis if directly before a column (eg "SUM(Column" instead of "SUM()Column")
  • Column names on expand wildcard are no longer qualified with schema names
  • Improved suggestions after errors in script (Forum post)
  • Fix for "value" stopping suggestions (Forum post)
  • Fix for suggestions stopping (Forum post)
  • Fix for SP-4994 (Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll')
  • Fix for SP-2947, SP-3598, SP-4984 (Very large encrypted stored procedures are not decrypted properly)
  • Fix for "GO 10" crash (Forum post)
  • Auto generated insert statements now use GETDATE() instead of a string literal (UserVoice)
  • Fix for CamelCase datatypes enclosed in square brackets
  • Fix for SP-5013 (NullReferenceException)
  • A few missing suggestions added for built-in functions
  • Auto generated insert statements with hints and a semicolon will keep the hints/semicolon (Forum post)
  • Insert statements keep the table hints with the name when generating insert code (Forum post)
  • Fix for keywords occasionally not being recased (Forum post)
  • Fix for wrong suggestion being selected
  • Fix for ‘left’ not being cased correctly (Forum post)
  • Master database is enclosed with square brackets if the option is set
  • Various keyword casing fixes

We've also fixed the following bugs that were send to us as error reports from SQL Prompt:

SP-3532{SA} InvalidOperationException @ Scripter.ScriptFunction(…)
SP-3545{SA} FileLoadException @ BaseConnect.SetBindings(…)
SP-3556{SA} InvalidCastException @ VSEditorWindow.get_Selection(...)
SP-3591{SA} PathTooLongException @ SnippetManager.SaveSnippet(…)
SP-3594{SA} InvalidOperationException @ Scripter.ScriptView(…)
SP-3601{SA} InvalidOperationException @ Scripter.ScriptStoredProcedure(…)
SP-3659{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ BaseConnect.GetService(…)
SP-3680{SA} NullReferenceException @ EditorWindowBase.m_UIOptions_EnabledChanged(…)
SP-3687{SA} TargetInvocationException @ BaseForm.InitializeComponent(…)
SP-3735{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ SSMSEditorWindow.GetConnectionProperties(…)
SP-3738{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ DependenciesTreeView.Populate(…)
SP-3755{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ CandidateList2.UpdateSchemaNames(…)
SP-3756{SA} InvalidOperationException @ SqlPromptEngine.HoverPrompt(…)
SP-3771{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ExpandableSchemaTooltipForm.ShowTooltip(…)
SP-3781{SA} ArgumentException @ ColoredLabel.ColoredLabel(…)
SP-3823{SA} IndexOutOfRangeException @ SqlPromptEngine.HoverPrompt(…)
SP-3860{SA} NotSupportedException @ LinkedDatabaseCandidate.GetPageReader(…)
SP-3865{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ CommandVSMenuItem.MenuCommand_ChangedStatus(…)
SP-3872{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ TooltipForm.MoveTooltipEvenIfHidden(…)
SP-3904{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ CandidateList2.HideCandidateList(…)
SP-3912{SA} InvalidOperationException @ DatabaseCandidateBase.GetConnectionSource(…)
SP-3987{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ Control.CreateHandle()(…)
SP-3996{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ObjectDefinitionBox.HideSchemaInformationForm(…)
SP-3997{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ TaskExecuterForm.HideWindow(…)
SP-4063{SA} InvalidOperationException @ Client.Client(…)
SP-4099{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ EditorWindowBase.CheckConnectionChanged(…)
SP-4104{SA} TargetInvocationException @ EditorWindowBase.CheckConnectionChanged(…)
SP-4118{SA} AccessViolationException @ EditorWindowBase.CheckConnectionChanged(…)
SP-4141{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ EditorWindowBase/ParameterPromptTooltipForm.ShowTooltip(…)
SP-4161{SA} COMException @ Connect.GetEditorContextMenuBars(…)
SP-4169{SA} AccessViolationException @ Connect.GetEditorContextMenuBars(…)
SP-4183{SA} COMException @ VSCommandController.CreateCommand(…)
SP-4192{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ VSEditorWindow.GetWindowFrame(…)
SP-4258{SA} Exception @ Class702.smethod_5(SqlConnection sqlConnection_0)(…)
SP-4264{SA} ArgumentException @ ObjectFactory.LoadIndexes(…)
SP-4360{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ BaseConnect/<>c__DisplayClass8.<.ctor>b__6(…)
SP-4379{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ DteConnection.Dispose(...)
SP-4388{SA} NullReferenceException @ CandidateList2.EnableDisableFilters(…)
SP-4430{SA} TargetInvocationException @ RuntimeMethodHandle._InvokeMethodFast(...)
SP-4500{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ Connect.<GetEditorContextMenuBars>b__0(…)
SP-4512{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ExpandableSchemaTooltipForm.ShowTooltip(…)
SP-4572{SA} InvalidOperationException @ VSEditorView.GetLocationForPosition(…)
SP-4702{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ObjectDefinitionBox.ShowSchemaInformationForm(…)
SP-4723{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ObjectDefinitionBox.MoveSchemaInformationFormEvenIfHidden(…)
SP-4726{SA} InvalidOperationException @ IpnUtils.IpnUtils(…)
SP-4751{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ TooltipForm.MoveTooltipEvenIfHidden(…)
SP-4781{SA} ArgumentException @ RecentlyClosedTabsCommand.RecentlyClosedTabsCommand(…)
SP-4807{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ VSEditorWindowBase.GetWindowFrame(…)
SP-4818{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ToolWindow`1.get_DTEWindows(…)
SP-4848{SA} NullReferenceException @ CandidateCollectionMultiType`1.Add(…)
SP-4856{SA} InvalidComObjectException @ VSEditorWindow.ReplaceText(…)
SP-4918{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ ScriptPanel.HandleScript(…)
SP-4939{SA} NullReferenceException @ EditorWindowBase/<>c__DisplayClass25.<HoverPromptInfoReady>b__23(…)
SP-4945{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous)(…)
SP-4948{SA} InvalidOperationException @ DatabaseCandidateBase.SetDefaultSchema(…)
SP-4986{SA} ObjectDisposedException @ CandidateListBox.GetCurrentItemY(…)
SP-5003{SA} FileNotFoundException @ PromptEngineEmulator.get_GetSuggestions(…)
SP-5006{SA} MissingFieldException @ ReflectionUtils.GetFieldInfo(…)
SP-5008{SA} NullReferenceException @ RefactorEngine/<>c__DisplayClass9.<GetRecaseKeywordsRefactoring>b__8(…)
SP-5009{SA} IndexOutOfRangeException @ PrefixRadixTreeDictionary`1/TrieNode.Match(…)
SP-5011{SA} NotSupportedException @ LiveSchemaProvider.GetHobtSchema(…)
SP-5017{SA} InvalidStateException @ DBObjectSelectionManager.GetConnectionProperties(…)
SP-5018{SA} NullReferenceException @ LinkedDatabaseCandidate.GetDataTypes(…)
SP-5019{SA} MismatchedTokenException @ Parser.match(…)
SP-5020{SA} NullReferenceException @ TreeNodeExtensionMethods.EnumerateChildrenSynchronously(…)
SP-5073{SA} ArgumentOutOfRangeException @ SqlPromptEngine.GetCandidates(…)
SP-5074{SA} FormatException @ OptionsBase.Deserialize(…)


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